8 Rainy Day Favorites

Sep 12 2018

1. This chambray shirt. It’s a staple in my closet, and I replace it every few years. Great for every season and usually my go-to for casual rainy days. (Currently 30% off along with the entire store).

2. These Jack Rogers rain boots. I found them a few months ago and couldn’t believe how cheap they are. Under $60!

3. This Hunter umbrella. I love clear umbrellas, and the pop of color on this one is adorable. (Yes, it’s definitely a bit expensive for an umbrella, but when I add up all of the throw-away $10 ones that I’ve bought in the city, this nice one seems more than worth it).

4. This camel cardigan. I just bought it yesterday and wore it right away today! It’s the softest thing in my closet right now.

5. This rain coat. It comes in five different colors, and it’s only $80. I really like the lavender one!

6. This mug! Such a random find, but it made me laugh, and it’s only $14. I was looking for a cute mug for soup, because it’s always my go-to for lunch on a rainy day, and I came across this one instead. How funny is the pocket! Haha. I need to buy it for all of my nieces and nephews.

7. This Adidas hoodie. The pink and yellow ones are super cute pops of color for rainy days. Comes in six colors. (PS – these big sporty logos are back! Keep an eye out).

8. This rain jacket for kids. It reminds me of something my nephews would wear! Great gift idea. I love the two-tone navy and red.