7 Winter Things to Do in the Hamptons

Jan 27 2018
1. Stay for a night or two at Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor. 
This is the second year in a row that my boyfriend and I went during the wintertime, and it’s really cozy. Definitely a slower vibe than summer nights, but in the best way! Really relaxing. (They also have some of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in).
2. Have lunch at LT Burger
It’s walking distance from Baron’s Cove if you don’t have a car, and their menu is perfect for winter – serious comfort foods like specialty burgers and milkshakes.
3. For the workout crew: sneak in a class at FlyWheel East Hampton
A great way to work off drinks from the night before. Fun fact – one of the founders (Ruth) teaches classes at this location. (PS – I’ve been going to all of my classes lately through Class Pass – it’s my new favorite thing. Click here for $40 off your first month).
4. Grab cocktails and dinner at Gurney’s in Montauk. 
The firepit is usually on at night on their deck, and you can hear the ocean right behind you.
5. Enjoy an afternoon by the fireplace at Baron’s Cove
We brought games and camped out for hours on the couches with appetizers, cocktails, and Monopoly. They also have a live band on certain nights. Super cozy!
6. Have late night drinks (and maybe sing karaoke!) at Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett. 
We didn’t make it this year, but we went last year and had a blast at karaoke. It’s a really well-known bar out east, and they have a schedule with live bands as well.
7. Get a warm coffee and some snacks at Grindstone Coffee and Donuts
It’s always our last stop before driving back to the city, and we brought a box of donuts back with us this time. (They barely lasted the whole car ride).