11 Things to Do in Savannah

Apr 30 2019
My mom and I did a little girls’ trip a few weeks ago to Savannah, and it was so charming! We walked around a lot, did a tour, saw a few museums, and had a great few days in the city. Some of my favorites are below:
1. Stay at the Alida Hotel. Brand new hotel right on River Street and in a perfect area of downtown – accessible to everything on foot.
2. Do a Hop-on trolley tour! I take some type of tour in every new city I go to, and it’s the best way to see the entire city, as well learn as much as you can about the area, especially historically. There are trolleys driving all over Savannah, and you can just hop on most of them. Don’t worry about trying to find one – they’ll find you!
3. Have Breakfast at Cafe M. We loved it so much that we went two days in a row. In a city with so much comfort (read: reallyyy heavy) food, it was great to find a lighter spot for breakfast. Get the yogurt with fruit & granola and the veggie quiche – my faves. They were also voted best breakfast in all of Georgia by People Magazine last year!
4. Visit the Telfair Museums. There are three museums, and you can buy 1 ticket to visit all three, which is what we did. (FYI – They’re all in walking distance from each other). One of the museums holds the statue that is famous from Bonaventure Cemetary and was also on the front of the book cover and movie poster for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (google it)! The second museum is an arts center, and the third is a slave house from the 1800’s (more below on this one).
5. Stop into The Paris Market on Broughton Street (FYI – this is the main street with all the best shopping). It was my favorite shop in the whole city. Eclectic group of things for sale, incredible decor items downstairs, and a snack bar in the back.
6. Get some gifts at Savannah Bee Company on Broughton Street. Cute local shop with a ton of delicious honey options and some other things for sale. My mom brought home a few items for my sisters and their kids. Try the lavender honey – it was our favorite!
7. Have dinner at Vic’s on the River. Cozy restaurant on River Street with live music. The food was great! We sat at the bar, and it was a fun atmosphere at night. (River Street also has a ton of fun shops and bars to visit during the day).
8. Take pictures on Jones Street. This was one of our favorite blocks in the entire city. If you’re on the hunt for some old, beautiful Southern homes, this is where you want to be for photos.
9. Take a walk through Forsyth Park. Kind of like Savannah’s own version of Central Park! Beautiful fountain in the middle, lots of gorgeous trees and flowers, and plenty of space to picnic or sit on a bench and read.
10. Visit Bonaventure Cemetery. A bit further away from the main downtown area, but quick in an Uber. The old grave-sites are incredible, as is the landscape. Best spot to see all those very-Southern hanging moss trees. There are also a few famous people (both locally and nationally) buried here – the office at the front of the Cemetery will explain which sites you want to see!
11. Take a tour of the Owens-Thomas House. This is one of the 3 Telfair Museums (above), and it’s a look into an old home from the 1800s that also had slave quarters. The house itself is gorgeous, and the tour is a peek into a troubled time in the South.

PS – read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil if you have time before you go! It’s a great way to learn some little things about the city. (Thanks, Nicole, for the rec!)