7 Things in My Amazon Cart

Sep 19 2018

1. This DSLR camera accessory. Perfect for when you want to upload photos from your camera to your iPhone and can’t get access to Wifi. I know some newer cameras may be able to send to your phone without Wifi, but most can’t, and this accessory is great for when you’re on the go and want to transfer something on the spot. Tiny enough to keep in your makeup case or wallet so you don’t lose it. Under $10!

2. These hangers. I swapped out my entire closet last year and tossed all of my old, mis-matched hangers for these new ones. Everything looks super clean now, and these hangers also help to prevent any shoulder creases. I just bought some more this week to do my coat closet in my new(-ish) place.

3. These ice cube trays. I’ve been meaning to buy these for literally years, and I finally just got a few. Great for when you have company over and want to make nice cocktails!

4. This handheld steamer. This is by far my number one suggestion for things to have at home and also things to bring with you when you travel. I use mine almost every single day, and it comes with me on any trip I ever go on (even to other countries)! I’m buying another one to leave in my car, just in case I ever forget it. That’s how much I love this thing!

5. This book. It’s next on my list – so many of my friends are reading it right now! I’m excited to get through it before I see the movie.

6. This fall garland. I’m either going to put it in a wreath or add it to a larger decor piece for my fireplace mantle.

7. This glass pumpkin jar. We had one in my house growing up, and my mom filled it with candy corn every year around Halloween. I bought one last year but need to replace mine, because I lost the lid. Oops!