Pool House Details: Outdoor Furniture Design

Apr 1 2021
I finalized (and ordered!) all of our outdoor furniture for the pool area today, and I am super excited with how everything looks so far. We selected lots of neutrals and blues, which is no surprise, since our entire house is in the same color scheme. The first selection we made is this teak outdoor dining table, and we paired it with these striped directors’ chairs, as well as these bigger wicker chairs for the heads of the table.
I tied in the wicker from the chairs above and matched it to the entire sitting area, which will be in front of an outdoor fireplace. The outdoor wicker sofa can be found here, and the wicker swivel chair is linked here (it also comes in non-swivel, seen here). This blue striped rug is a perfect nod to the striped chairs at the table, and this gray pedestal coffee table serves as a nice modern accent in an otherwise coastal setup. Very excited to see it all come together in real life!


Wicker sofa // Wicker swivel chair (non-swivel linked here) // Striped rug // Pedestal coffee table