Amazon Favorites for Toddlers

Feb 27 2021

So many cute things on Amazon for little ones! I love finding new things for Elle, like these pink overalls for Spring. This yellow raincoat is a fun pop of color for rainy days (and we also just got this cute umbrella)! We love playing with these flashcards, as Elle is learning new words everyday. These bows are a recent favorite as well. For lunchtime, we like using these plates that suction onto the high-chair tray and these water bottles (no spill). These crayons are all-natural (made from beeswax!), and the chunky size is great for little fingers. This carrot game was a present from Santa Claus, and it’s still a favorite, months later. And last but not least, these stacking cups are so popular around here, that we have multiple sets! Great for shower and bath-time play.