Baby’s 1st Month: Mom’s Favorite Items

Dec 1 2019

Putting together a baby registry is one of the most important things you need to do before giving birth, and I was lucky to have my two older sister to help with mine. They have 7 kids between them, so they were able to tell me exactly what I needed..especially in the first few weeks that baby is home.
Some items I would have never known about (and been lost without..hello Dock A Tot!), and other items were obvious to me, but I had no clue which specific companies to pick for each. My list below covers all of that! (PS my full registry was much longer than this, but I’m sharing the items that we have used every single day in Elle’s first month).

1. Adan & Anais swaddle blankets. These blankets are (obviously) meant to be used as swaddles, but we actually use them with the Dock A Tot (below). We lay the blanket right over the Dock A Tot so that it’s protected from spit up etc. You can wash the Dock A Tot’s shell, but we found it much easier to wash these thin blankets instead! It’s a pain to have to wait for the shell to be washed and dried in order to use the Dock A Tot again. We just wash the blankets and throw another one down right away.

2. Hatch sound machine. I put this sound machine on every time I am changing or nursing baby Elle. It helps to keep her super calm. It also has a soft light on it, which is really helpful when it’s the middle of the night, and I don’t want to turn on the full lights. You can also control the machine with an app on your phone! (She is still in a bassinet next to our bed, but I’m sure I will also use the sound machine when she’s sleeping in her crib).

3. Kyte hats. My favorite hats! The elasticity helps the hat to remain on the baby’s head – it doesn’t move at all. Every other hat we have for Elle tends to fall off, which is not good, considering small babies lose most of their heat through their heads and need a hat all day (and night)!

4. Honest diapers. A lot of people use this company for all things baby care (diapers, wipes, bath products, creams and lotions, etc). They are 100% organic, and you can also set up a recurring delivery for diapers and wipes.

5. Soothie pacifiers. There are a million kinds of pacifiers, but these are our favorite, mainly because it’s what most hospitals use.

6. Dock A Tot. Highest product on my list of baby must-haves. Elle uses her Dock A Tot more than anything else! I lay her in it during the day whenever I’m not holding her, I put her in it on the floor in the bathroom while I’m in the shower, and she sleeps in it at night (we put the Dock a Tot right into her bassinet)! The walls on the Dock A Tot keep her feeling “held” because they are snug all around her body. If you were only purchasing one big item for your baby, this would 100% be my recommendation for what to buy. We love it (and so does Elle)!

7. Baby Bjorn bouncer seat. We started using this during Elle’s third week (she was too tiny to sit in it before that). I like that the seat gives her a better view of things, as opposed to when she lays down, and it also helps when she’s gassy and uncomfortable. Sitting up is way better than laying down when she’s having any tummy problems.

8. Swaddle Me swaddles. These are the best! We initially used normal swaddle blankets, but Elle was able to break out of those, no matter how tight we made them. These swaddles have velcro and hold her in much better! She sleeps in one every single night.

9. Pottery Barn sherpa blanket. Elle is cuddled up in this blanket all day long (as I’m sure you’ve seen if you watch my stories on Instagram). I have probably 15-20 baby blankets (you’ll get a ton as gifts!), and this one is our fave. Super cozy.