7 Things We Use to Organize Our Home

Jan 18 2020
1. This container set for our kitchen cabinets. We use the containers mostly for cereal, nuts, and other dry snacks like cookies and crackers. Aside from looking super organized, the containers also keep the snacks fresh for way longer than the original boxes they come in, because they’re air tight.
2. This shelving unit. We have it in Elle’s room (shown above), and it’s coming with us to our new house as well. Perfect to keep any storage (or toys!) nice and tidy.
3. Storage bins like these for our bathroom drawers. I use them to separate beauty items; ie one bin for a hair dryer, hair iron, and curling iron, another bin for brushes, another bin for makeup, etc. Using bins looks much nicer than just throwing everything in at once, and it’s way easier to find things.
4. These hangers. Not only does the velvet lining decrease the chance of getting those annoying creases in shoulders, but visually speaking, having the same hanger for everything looks really neat!
5. These baskets for inside of closets. We have them in Elle’s closet (shown above), and they hold extra diapers and wipes. You can even buy these little tags to hang on them so you can label what’s in each basket. (PS – the pink and white striped baskets are here).
6. This charging unit. I got one for Mike for Christmas so he can charge his watch, phone, and headphones all in one spot. I’ll probably get a second one for myself once we move into our new house. (There’s a desk area in our kitchen that I’m excited to set up!)

7. These baskets for our bathroom towels. I roll up three towels for each one (shown below) – it makes displaying towels a little bit cuter! Also a nice touch for whenever you have guests staying over.