NYC Guide: My 4 Favorite Workout Classes

May 29 2018
Outfit: Bra // Leggings // Jacket
There are a ton of workout classes, gyms, and studios available all over the city, and it’s safe to say that after living in Manhattan for ten years (whoa!), I’ve tried a lot of them. When I first moved into NYC, group classes weren’t a “thing” yet, and I went to a small gym on the Upper East Side that cost me $50 a month. No brainer. As I started to move forward in my career and felt more comfortable justifying spending (much) more on a gym membership, I joined Equinox. But – after a few years, I was still cringing that I was spending $200 a month. The gyms are beautiful and the locker rooms are great, but getting into classes is tough, and it always felt like it was just too much money to be spending on a gym – no matter how much I went. 
I joined ClassPass shortly thereafter, and I’m absolutely obsessed! I get a few classes a month for $50, which is perfect for me, as half of my workouts involve running outside anyway. The best part about ClassPass is that you can pay for as many classes as you want – and you can try out what feels like a million different studios all over the city. (I even take some classes on Long Island when I am home for the weekend. Don’t forget to filter the map outside of NYC to see where else you can attend classes when you’re out of town).
My four favorite studios/classes are below (all available on ClassPass). Let me know if you have any other recs! PS – if you sign up with this link, you can get $40 off your first month. Enjoy!
1. Bode NYC – the Hot HIIT class is super intense and really fun! Non-stop movement, great music, and a really good mix of people. Be ready to sweat! Their standard hot yoga class is great as well.
2. East End Row – I just tried rowing for the first time a few weeks ago, and I loved it. Killer workout. Don’t be afraid to go alone if you’ve never been – they re-explain everything at the beginning of each class, and it’s super easy to pick it up.
3. Y7 Yoga – a cool take on standard yoga. No mirrors in the room, everything is dimly lit with candles, and there’s hip hop music on the entire time. Super fun.
5. Peloton – my favorite spin class. Love the bikes, the studio is beautiful, and the live-feed on camera is a great way to keep you pumped up. (Classes from the NYC studio are broadcasted out to people taking them at home! Pretty cool).