NYC Guide: Broadway Show Reviews

Oct 2 2016
I’ve been on a serious Broadway kick recently, seeing three shows in just the last few weeks. I’m a huge musical theatre person, and I always love getting to see a show..even if I’ve been before! Hoping to get to one of the Disney shows next (Aladdin and Lion King)..
1. Book of Mormon
My initial thoughts were that (unfortunately) other reviews really hyped this show up, and I was expecting it to be a bit better than it was. Songs were clever and the storyline was cute, but the sets and costumes don’t come close to other shows’. The “bathroom humor” was also a bit absurd at times. I would say it’s worth seeing, but it was missing a serious wow factor.
2. Wicked
I would see this show once a week if I could. Absolutely spectacular. This was my third time seeing it, and it gets better every single time. The music is incredible, and the sets and costumes are outstanding. You will never get bored. (PS – super kid-friendly show).
3. Something Rotten
Really, really funny! My sister and I were in love with the show after the first scene alone. It’s set in Shakespearean times, but characters are portrayed with modern elements and modern humor. Fantastic show. Must see.