My Current Denim Line-Up

Jan 23 2021
*highest waist (the rest are all mid-high waist)
Jeans are always difficult to find, so I’m sharing a few that I just purchased and really love. This light blue pair is extra high-waisted and also ripped. The lighter color is good for summer days or sunny vacations. This medium blue pair (also ripped) is a good color for year-round and is my favorite pair out of the four above. It’s a really soft denim that you’ll want to wear everyday (also seen in the picture below). This black pair is a nice, clean look, with no rips. Easy to dress up or down and great with an oversized sweater like this one. This dark blue pair is perfect for the wintertime. I’ll be wearing mine during the day with these casual boots, and with these fancier suede boots whenever we go out to dinner.