Current Wishlist

Jan 30 2016
I typically stick to neutrals when it comes to workout gear, and I’m loving all of these pieces. I usually like to workout in just a sports bra, but sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable..this crop top is a great idea, because it gives you a bit more coverage. It’s also got a built-in sports bra, and the back is sheer, so it breaths well. I love it! This bag is a trendy option to hold a yoga mat, and these ear buds are certainly a splurge-worthy item. My sister just got the larger version of this bag, but the small tote is perfect for bringing to the gym. This water bottle is pretty chic, and it keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours. I love this gray puffer vest; it’s great for layering up before and after a workout. These hair ties are cute and more durable than a normal tie. This arm-band is great for a run..I’ve needed one for years! I love these leggings, especially because they have a zipped pocket. I always try to buy something with a pocket for when I’m going running and need a place to stash my keys. I also love the detailing on the back of the legs.