Current Favorites

Nov 2 2017
1. This casual jacket. Only $50! It’s perfect for in-between weather before the cold temps really come out. It’s very easy to dress up or down, and it comes in multiple colors. My mom bought one the second she saw it on me! 
2. These leggings. I bought them a few weeks ago, and they’re really comfortable. The detail at the ankle is also a nice change from every other pair of leggings that you probably have in your closet. (I also grabbed this beautiful gray coat and these cute leopard flats, as seen in a previous case you missed it)! Loving them both.
3. This local smoothie company. Not only are their smoothies fantastic, 100% organic, and cheaper than most, but they come in frozen cubes so you can make one at home whenever you want. Perfect for early in the morning or after a workout. And the best part..they deliver in NYC!
4. This black wool coat. I love the belt and the deep pockets. With so many long coats in my closet for colder weather, I love this one as a shorter option.
5. This tie cuff sweater dress. I think I just found my Thanksgiving outfit! I’m seeing these kind of sleeves everywhere recently, and I love them! Really cute for the holidays.