Tory Burch & Fitbit

Jul 28 2014

Everyone has obviously seen the funny looking rubber wristbands that people are wearing around these days – or simply fitness trackers – in lieu of a more complex explanation. They’re manufactured by many different companies, (Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, and Jawbone, to name a few) and they come in an array of sizes and colors.

Tory Burch has pushed the aesthetically pleasing factor a bit (all pun intended) further and introduced fashionable designs for the Fitbit. (Why didn’t I think of that)? The line is relatively new, so there isn’t much of an assortment yet, but you can check out Tory’s collaboration with Fitbit here.

Or – if you already own a Fitbit and are looking for a simpler (and cheaper) way to switch things up a bit, you can also purchase simple accessories to change the color of the band. A cute addition to quite an innovative little piece! I don’t own one of these bands, but I’ve definitely been looking into them more and more recently – and this new Tory Burch line is making it much easier to consider buying one. (Props to the marketing teams for dragging people in based on an incorporation with fashion. Consider me guilty).

Just a little push to get active..and fashionable!

Happy Monday. (#blah)