Topshop Sale

Oct 23 2014

Topshop is having a pretty good sale right now. A lot of their items are at least 30% off, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Also – don’t forget that the holidays are right around the corner, so as sales keep popping up, run through the list of people you need to buy gifts for, and see if you can cross anyone off your list. Getting shopping done early is always a great feeling!

Topshop is definitely on the funkier side of places to shop, but they do have great staple pieces as well, and that’s what I usually gravitate towards. I must be in a pastel kind of mood as of late, because I keep picking out lots of lighter colors (so many pinks!) – but I’m okay with it. Like I said in a previous post, pastels are everywhere this fall, and it’s a fun switch from the typical warmer colors and patterns (#iloveplaid) for this season. See some of my favorite picks from their sale below:

I’m taking a trip to Fiji next month (crazy, I know), so perhaps that’s why my eye is being drawn even more toward lighter colors, like all the pinks. I think this dress and simple tops like this would be great to bring over there! But out of everything – this dress is my ABSOLUTE favorite.
What are your favorites? Any other items catch your eye?