Thimble & Tag

Jun 15 2014

I recently came across a small company on Etsy called Thimble & Tag and had to share it. T&T (if I may call it that) is run out of Chicago, and they sell handmade totes, pouches, clutches, etc. Anything you might need to carry all of your girly “stuff”. (Love their name, too! Super cute).

My favorite piece on T&T’s Etsy shop is this teal fold-over clutch; the colors are nice and light for the summertime, and I love the surprise pattern on the inside. The clutch is also 100% cotton, so it’s easily washable. (We have all had those mornings where we wake up..and well..”what the HECK happened to my bag?!” Insert memory of friend spilling drink everywhere). Being able to throw this bag in the wash is a DEFINITE plus.
T&T is also able to do custom orders – which is great if you’re looking to give someone a gift you just know they’ll love – or even if you need a few clutches made to fill with goodies for a group of bridesmaids. Maybe even treat yourself to something that you designed yourself! Why not.
To check out some more products from Thimble & Tag on Etsy, click here. Hopefully you’re placing an order right after me! (PS – for even more photos, see their Instagram here).

june arrivals tunic 728x90