Storage Solutions

Jun 28 2014

As I’ve mentioned before, living in an NYC apartment is all about making the most of your space – and storage is super important! And voila – problem solved. Serena and Lily offers some great products that can help you hide your “stuff” in the cutest ways possible! Check out some of their products below.

My top picks are the Nantucket Basket Set with either the navy blue or pink lining (of course I’d pick something with “Nantucket” in the name), as well as the matching Nantucket Bowl Set.
 Nantucket Basket Set (The trim comes in multiple colors, and the entire set is on sale for only $29 right now! These are great to throw on your shelf, or even under a coffee table.)
 Nantucket Bowl Set (Also comes in multiple colors..and currently only $24 for the set!)
Serena and Lily offers a ton of home decor, and while some of their products are a bit pricey, they’re great for quirky little home accents like the above, which are reasonably priced. Great sale items, too! I’m glad to have discovered their company.
Store away..and make it cute!