Stay cozy..and fashionable! Happy Socks.

Mar 4 2014

Happy Socks is a really cute brand that I learned about recently. They’re socks, and they’re happy. Really simple formula here, people. They come in an array of bright colors and patterns, as seen below, and it’s such a fun way to spruce up an outfit!

Happy Socks: Fun and Crazy Socks for Men, Women, and Kids.
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Happy Socks started in Sweden in 2008, and now they are in over 3,000 stores in 70 countries worldwide. Really living the American dream! (Or the Swedish dream, I guess). Be sure to click on the banner above to see just how many socks they have! Some of them are definitely on the wild side (kudos if that’s your thing), but they also have simple patterns like stripes or polka dots, which are more my speed.

I love when a guy matches a nice suit with a really fun pair of socks – it adds such a great surprise to the outfit, and it’s also a great conversation piece. (Double points if you match the socks to your tie!) See below for a few of my favorite pairs for men..

(How surprised are you that I picked two with nautical colors? Yup..didn’t think so).
Happy Socks also sells women’s sizes (phew!) and stockings. They have some cute accessories, including mugs, laptop sleeves, notebooks, gift sets, and iPhone cases as well. Everything is VERY colorful, as you might imagine. Be sure to check out their site to see the full lineup!

Happy Socks is an adorable company, focusing on the little things in life – and where we can add a touch more fashion to an outfit..or a LOT more fashion if you go for one of the crazy patterns! It’s also a great gift – who doesn’t love new socks? The world has yet to figure out where they all disappear to within the dryer anyway. Until then..get new socks. And get Happy.
Stay cozy!