Sneaking Through the Summer

Jun 2 2014

Sneakers are a cute and casual way to dress down any outfit – and they’re super comfy! While I usually just defer to my Sperry plaid boat shoes (holy preppy; I love them), I keep coming across other “fashionable” sneakers that I love!

I just grabbed these pink sneakers from Target (also seen below) at an insanely cheap price, and I keep checking out other cute kicks as well.
Take a peek at some of my favorites below. My first choices are the Supergas – I’ve been looking at them for a while and can’t decide on which color. (And the high-top is pretty funky! I’d have to try them on, though). You also can never go wrong with a simple pair of Cons; I have them in black and navy blue, and I’m eyeing the white for summertime. So crisp and clean, and they match with everything. (I also need some slip-ons! Geez, I need it all. Self-constraint. The end).
Get comfy this summer, and dress down any outfit with a pair of trendy sneakers. Casual and cute! Can’t go wrong.