Shopbop Friends & Family Sale (12 things you need this fall)!

Oct 15 2014

Shopbop is having their Friends & Family sale right now, and the entire website is 25% off. (You’re welcome). After digging through their site for a bit last night, I pulled some of my favorite pieces and also put together a list of 12 things that you need in your closet for this fall. Why 12? Well, honestly..I aimed for 10..but I couldn’t stop there..

1. A comfortable pair of “girly” sweatpants. Why? Because you probably already have a “lounge around” pair that has two holes and a stain. And you know you shouldn’t wear them to the grocery store, but you do. (See some other great sweats here).

2. A Faux Leather Jacket. Because it’s cool as hell, and the real leather ones are way too expensive.

3. A Jumpsuit. These things scream NYC chic, and it’s a great piece for going out at night. And see that leather jacket up there? Perfect to throw over a jumpsuit for chilly nights. #allblackeverything (This one is really nice, too! Love the blue).

4. A cable knit sweater. They never go out of style, they’re adorable, and they feel like blankets. Need I say more? And I love the zipper on this one! (Also – in case you missed my post on the three different types of sweaters you want in your closet right now, see it here).

5. A vest. It’s one of my favorite layering pieces for the fall, and I think everyone needs a few! I did a recent outfit post with one here, and you can find some other great faux fur vests here.

6. A go-to scarf. My suggestion would be either a solid color (chunky!) infinity scarf like the one below, or something plaid, like this one; they’re both really cute.

7. A pastel piece. Even though pastels are usually a spring trend, they’ve snuck their way into this season, and pastel coats, sweaters, and dresses are everywhere. Join the trend.

8. Riding boots. I’m still looking for a pair myself, and Shopbop has a TON. This pair from Sam Edelman is very nice, and they’re under $200. (They’re even cheaper after the 25% off)!

9. A weather-appropriate LBD. Aka something longer or with sleeves, but still as sexy as your typical little black dress. This one with the leather sleeves brings the dress right into fall/winter (and it’s under $100).

10. A cross-body bag. While you’re starting to get into heavier layers, the last thing you want is for EVERYTHING you’re wearing to be heavy. A cross-body bag solves that problem instantly. I love the color of the one below.

11. A trench coat. Because they’re trendy, and because it’s getting cold. The end. This Club Monaco coat is gorgeous. A bit expensive – but it’s a beautiful piece, and a sale is definitely the time to splurge on an expensive item.

12. A great party dress. With the holidays coming up, you’re bound to be invited to one (or twelve) festive parties. This dress has beautiful details, and it also falls into the pastel category. Stand out while everyone else will likely be in red or black.