Jan 6 2015

I’m absolutely in love with this new company, Rocksbox, and to be honest..I’m pretty mad that I didn’t think of it myself! Rocksbox was kind enough to gift me a 3 month subscription, and I fell in love the second I opened the first package that I received.

Well, hello there! Immediate personalization? Sold.

Rocksbox sends you a cute little box when you first start your subscription, and it’s filled with a few different jewelry pieces – based on a personal style profile that you fill out online. Each box also comes with a small description card (seen below), which lets you know who makes each piece of jewelry, what the “normal” prices are for each, and what your discounted Rocksbox prices are – should you choose to purchase one of the items.

In my first box, I got a statement necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings. They also included a cute little necklace – “something special” for me to keep. How cute! The pieces are worth around $200 combined, and you’ll get the same value to “borrow” in each box – for only $19/month.
You can wear the pieces as little or as often as you like – even if you choose to keep none. (It’s kind of like Rent the Runway in this regard). All you have to do is wrap the jewelry back up and send the the box back to Rocksbox. They even include a return label, so the process is super easy.
If you’re still within your subscription time (i.e. 3 months if that’s what you choose to pay for upfront), they’ll send you another box with more jewelry! This back-and-forth process repeats until your subscription is up. And hopefully – you fall in love with some pieces and decide to purchase a few!

I think I may keep this one!
Now for the best part. I’ve paired up with Rocksbox to offer Little Pretties’ readers a special discount. I hope that I’ve sold you with my review above, but I’d also certainly suggest trying it out for yourself to see how great it is! In order to get your first month for only $9, sign up here, and use the code “BeYourBrightest”.