Jul 16 2014

I can (very) happily say that I have an absurd amount of closet space in my apartment – two double closets with shelving, as well as additional storage units above the closets. It’s more than I could ask for, especially in a one bedroom NYC, no less.

I love organizing things, and I decided that my closets needed a bit of a makeover. Some of the items in one of the closets were just a jumbled mess, and they needed some serious TLC. (Or OCD, perhaps). Both of which I’m great at. 
My main concern was all of my shoes – some were in their original boxes, some were on shelves, some on the floor, etc. While I knew where everything was, it was still a mess. I decided to take baby steps and pinpointed my shoes as the first section that needed some work. I ordered a bookcase, set it up in under an hour (phew), and completely changed the entire look and display of one portion of the closet..and I love it! And I can finally SEE everything. I don’t need to dig through shoe boxes anymore to find exactly what I’m looking for. (It looks pretty nice, right?! I was proud).

Black shoes are from Ann Taylor, nude sandals are from Zara, and striped wedges are from Target.

Ugh. These Zara shoes. Rarr.

Check Zappos for Hunter boots – they ship for free!

Check Lord & Taylor or Zappos for Sperry boat shoes.
Honeycomb heels (previously seen here and here) are from C. Wonder. And Zappos has SO many different types of Converse. I have them in black and navy, and I really want the white version!
Building upwards in a closet is always the best way to make the most of your space, which is why a bookcase was the perfect solution for the shoes. (These storage solutions are great as well, and you can find some more tips on making the most of your space here).
*Sidenote: organizing is always a great way to give your home some spring cleaning – even smack in the middle of summertime. I got rid of some shoes that I hadn’t even touched in sense in letting them waste space! If you can’t remember the last time you wore something, just get rid of it. (And always consider donating if it’s in good shape. You may make some other girl very happy. There are a ton of places in NYC that even pick up bags of clothing, shoes, etc directly from your home if you make an appointment with them. Check here – I’ve already done half the work for you).
If you’re in need of some closet organizing yourself, check out some of these shelves:
One // Two // Three // Four // Five
Happy organizing!

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