Old School Organizing

Oct 28 2014

In this day and age (geez, what am I, 75?).. anyway.. everyone is OBSESSED with technology. That’s where that sentence was going. Most of us have completely forgotten about what we did before computers, iPads, Google/Outlook calendars, iPhone alarm clocks, etc etc. And let’s not even get into social media, because that’s where the serious obsession lies (says the girl who writes a blog and posts on Instagram at least three times a day).

While I have become extremely involved in technology since starting my blog, I am very, VERY old school when it comes to staying organized. My love for post-its, to-do lists, calendars, and organizers that I can write all over is never-ending. (I even color code things with highlighters..#nutjob). I’ll take writing a list and actually crossing things off over doing something online, like Evernote, any day of the week. It’s just my thing!

If you’re the same way, you’ll certainly appreciate this post, as I’m listing some of my favorite products that help me stay organized. If you’ve got a super busy schedule and a constant to-do list like I do, these things certainly come in handy. (And if you’re not already organized, maybe try this out. It’s nice to keep an actual list somewhere and be able to feel accomplished when you cross things off).

1. This desktop calendar is great if you want to view your entire month at once (that’s usually the view I select on a computer). And it’s under $5!

2. Have kids? This calendar from Melissa & Doug is adorable..and fun for them to use!

3. I love using these for when I really need things to stand out. Forgot about that doctor appointment? Bet you would have seen it if you wrote it in bright pink.

4. I use these ALL DAY LONG. At work and at home..and I even have some inside my bag..stuck to my phone, or a book..or anything at all. (I like the longer ones instead of the standard square; I flip them vertically so that they’re better for lists).

5. In addition to a calendar, I usually have a general notepad hanging around to write down random “thoughts” like upcoming blog post ideas, groceries I need to buy, a quick address or phone number I need, and so on. They also come in really handy when you need somewhere to put a piece of paper inside your bag. Didn’t want that check or postcard to wrinkle? Shoulda bought that notepad. (This one is really cute, and it’s a good size for inside your bag).

I also came across this list, and it’s super helpful for keeping your desk in order. Take a peek! That’s usually the first step to keeping a tidy space (and a tidy schedule).

How do you stay organized? Do you prefer things online? Do you use notepads and calendars like I do?