NYC Guide: Tiramisu

Aug 25 2014
I had a dinner date with my younger brother the other night, and we picked out Tiramisu, which is on the Upper East Side (corner of 80th and 3rd). I live in the area and had never been before, so it was an easy decision. I love trying new restaurants!
We grabbed a table outside (who doesn’t love people watching) and actually took quite a while to figure out what we wanted to eat – way too many good options on the menu! It’s also boggling my mind that I cannot find a website or online menu for this restaurant so I can share their selections..bummer. You’ll have to just head there and see for yourselves!

I had one of Tiramisu’s main chicken dishes, as seen below, which was absolutely delicious. (I wish I could remember the name)! The chicken was cooked and seasoned perfectly, and it came with a thin layer of prosciutto on top. Unbelievable. Mashed potatoes as one of the sides was just the cherry on top for’s one of my favorites. (#soirish)
Tiramisu also does brick oven pizzas, which I can only imagine are delicious as well. I plan on ordering one the next time I’m there.

Definitely check this place out if you’re looking for a new Italian spot. Great food, and the prices were good too. Can’t beat that combo!
..and take advantage of as much outdoor seating as you can before it starts to get cold!

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