NYC Guide: Spring Natural Kitchen

Jul 15 2014

After a doctor appointment the other morning on the Upper West Side, I took the opportunity to explore the area a bit and walked right by Spring Natural Kitchen – a restaurant that I had been to a few times in the last year – and then just completely forgot about! I was so, so happy that my memory was jogged when I walked by it. Such a delicious spot.

Spring Natural Kitchen’s philosophy is to serve “good, wholesome, unprocessed cooking from scratch – everything homemade from all-natural ingredients.” If you head there for brunch, which I suggest (especially during the summertime to take advantage of the outdoor seating), get either the Classic Eggs Benedict or the House Made Brioche French Toast. The latter is basically the best banana bread (turned-french toast) that I have ever had in my life, topped with syrup. It’s amazing. If you go for lunch, get a burger. The end. (For the full menu, see here).
If you are lucky enough to live on the UWS, Spring delivers in the area! They also deliver in Soho, near their second location, which I have not been to..yet! Try out Spring Natural Kitchen soon – the food is very clean and leaves you feeling very full – but in a great way. Highly suggested.
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