NYC Guide: Sarabeth’s

Feb 26 2014

One of my favorite brunch / lunch spots in NYC is Sarabeth’s, which has not one – but SIX locations throughout NYC. How convenient! This even includes a restaurant inside the Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue. Shop for a bit, then have a nice meal? They’re onto something here..

Sarabeth’s is a very clean, well-run establishment, and their food is wonderful. The restaurant began as a small bakery and jam shop in 1981 on the Upper West Side and has grown quite considerably since then. It also happens to be my sister Erin’s favorite brunch spot in the city, so I just had to share it! (Read Sarabeth’s full story here). And yes – she’s an actual person!

While I’ve only been to Sarabeth’s once for lunch (and never for dinner – *lightbulb for future blog*), I have gone at least a few times for their brunch menu, and it’s great! My favorite dish is the Eggs Benedict, seen below. It’s served with a light side salad, which is a nice addition to the eggs, as it gives the dish more of a lunch feeling. (And it also makes me feel better for paying $20 for eggs). Though – the prices are honestly not too bad!

Sarabeth’s is also still selling their homemade jam (since 1981!), and I buy it quite often. Their jars sell for $11.00 and can be purchased both in the store and online. They come in a variety of flavors, of which I highly recommend the Peach Apricot and Pineapple Mango. They sell some bakery items as well, including the shortbread cookies seen below.

*Sidenote: though I typically buy these items directly from the restaurant, my sister recently discovered that the jams are also sold at Marshall’s. Sneaky!

The weekend is approaching quickly, and brunch is always a fun item to add to your schedule, whether it be with a significant other, family, or friends. (And yes – they’re kid friendly in case that pertains to you!) Consider visiting Sarabeth’s at any of the locations below, and don’t forget to check out their website for full details.

..and order the eggs benedict! You’re welcome in advance.

Happy brunching!