NYC Guide: Luke’s Lobster

May 31 2014
Writing about food spots in the city always leaves me starving, but there are just so many good places that I come across – I cannot keep them to myself. Luke’s Lobster – a wonderful seafood joint – happens to have a location only one block from me on the Upper East Side, and I stop in there a bit too often! Honestly some of the best lobster and shrimp rolls I’ve ever had.

Root beer, as usual. My fave!


The restaurants (or shacks, as they call them) are very laid back. No waiters or anything crazy like that – just a simple place where you can order and take out, or sit for a few minutes at one of their counters to enjoy the seafood. They also offer a punch-card program, which always gets me so excited. What’s better than free (delicious) food?!
I highly recommend Luke’s Lobster for a quick snack, or even a full meal. (The soup’s amazing, as well. Love their lobster bisque). Check out their locations here – hopefully there’s one by you. Or come to the Upper East Side shack – you might just see me there!

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