NYC Guide: Kotobuki

Nov 12 2014
Last week, a girlfriend and I made impromptu dinner plans, and we foolishly tried to go to The Smith without reservations. After they told us it was a 45 minute wait, our grumbling stomachs made a quick decision to bypass waiting for a table, and we walked outside to find the closest restaurant we could. We stumbled upon Kotobuki (3rd between 10th and 11th), and it couldn’t have been a better choice!

I didn’t realize it at first, but I’m quite familiar with this restaurant chain, as there are a few on Long Island, which is where I grew up. I’m not sure if I’ve been to one of the LI locations, but I definitely recognize the name, and I was very happy that we wound up there! Everything about our experience at Kotobuki was wonderful. The service was great, the place is impeccably clean, and the food was outstanding. AND – it’s SO cheap. We had appetizers, soups, and sushi and only spent about $20 each. And we were pretty full!

One of the appetizers we had was the Salmon Carpaccio (as seen above), and it was absolutely amazing. We decided that when we go back, we are definitely ordering two instead of one. And Miso Soup was a no-brainer in this cold warmed us up immediately. Their soup is a bit different from your standard Miso, as they put a ton of veggies into the broth as well. Really good! To see Kotobuki’s full menu, click here.

Try out Kotobuki soon! I’ll definitely be back there ASAP.