NYC Guide: Good

Feb 23 2014

No, literally..the place is called Good!

I have been frequenting the same brunch spot in the last few months, and I absolutely love it. Had to share. It’s in the West Village, located on Greenwich Avenue between Bank Street and West 12th Street, and it’s become one of my favorite food spots in NYC as of late (and I’ve only tried their brunch so far!)

Whenever I walk into Good now, I don’t even need a menu. I literally order the exact same thing every time. This might seem boring, but why fix something that isn’t broken!

The first dish I always order is a yogurt dish with fruit and granola, which Good calls simply “Fresh Fruit & Whipped Greek Yogurt”. (Yes – this does just look like Pinkberry on a plate. It’s not just you). The fluffy goodness seen above, while it looks like whipped cream, is actually whipped greek yogurt – a healthier option! (Though if they run out of yogurt one day and try to disguise the whipped cream, I won’t be mad). 
And those lumps of brown sugar-looking things – it’s actually “nut crumbs” granola. Also a healthier option! The dish includes fresh seasonal fruit and honey drizzled over the entire thing, and I’m deciding that this paragraph ends here, because I’m starting to drool thinking about it.
The second dish I always get is the “Basil & Goat Cheese Egg Scramble”. This dish, as seen above, includes asparagus and marinated cherry tomatoes, and is served over sourdough bread. It’s such a simple dish, but it’s outstanding. The goat cheese inside the eggs is to die for, and it’s served over bread. Who doesn’t like carbs? Come on now.

I’m sure I will be at Good again soon, and while I am sad to say that I will force myself to order something new, I’m sure we will discover new dishes to share that are just as good (all pun intended).

From the first visit, Good immediately got two thumbs up from me, and I highly recommend it! It’s a great spot for couples, or a group of friends, or even families – they’re kid friendly! (Subtle hint to my sisters if they’re reading this).

And apparently they do happy hour specials. Guess I’ll be heading back sooner than I planned. $5 bottled beers? If I must.
Check out Good. It’s Great.