NYC Guide: Cooking Brunch at Haven’s Kitchen

Feb 16 2015

I wrote about Haven’s Kitchen back in December, and I finally made it to a cooking class there this month with my two sisters and our mom. We selected one of the brunch classes on a Saturday, and it was everything I thought it was going to be!

Haven’s Kitchen is a multi-functional space – there’s a mini shop/cafe up front, a cooking space in the back, and two levels upstairs that can house all sorts of parties, from lunch gatherings to weddings. It’s super cozy, and the entire place smells great, as you might imagine.

My sister’s coffee! Super cute.
There were some mini appetizers waiting for us (as well as cocktails) when we got there, and we all snacked while the employees at HK introduced themselves. We were in a group of about 12 people, and there was one lead chef and two other people on staff that would be helping us throughout the class.

Every aspect of cooking is discussed during the few hours that you’re there; the chef walked us through ingredients she loves to use at home, the specific knives and other utensils that we should have in our kitchens, and she spoke about the proper way to cut and prepare certain foods as well. (Hint: it’s likely that you’re cutting items in ways that are actually more difficult than it should be)!

We made quite a spread for brunch, including salads, biscuits, poached eggs, meat dishes, and even special butters. Some of the ingredients we used were completely new to me, which is definitely the best part of attending one of these classes. 
Everything cooked and baked quite quickly – the size of the stove and oven was unreal. One of my sisters loves to cook, and she begged me to get pictures of the actual room itself..and not just the food. Look at all of the shelves below!

A cook’s dream. Especially if they have OCD!
Everyone was asked to pick a specific “station,” and we all broke into groups of two. My mother and I chopped fruits and vegetables for one of the salads and made special butters. My sisters were in charge of preparing and cooking the sausage (above), which was delicious.

Everything was labeled. I loved it!
After everything was ready, we sat down at a long table and all ate together – and everything was great. We had more cocktails, got to know the other people in the class a bit better, and there were leftovers for everyone to take home.

Looking back, I’m shocked that I didn’t snap a picture of some of the finished products! I was so caught up in the cooking and eating that I didn’t even think about it. (#woops) However – this just gives you more of a reason to go check it out yourself.
Haven’s Kitchen is a great spot to attend your first cooking class, and I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning, and an even better way to spend time with friends or family. Check it out!