NYC Guide: 4 Favorite Taco Spots

Apr 12 2016
After meeting some friends for appetizers and drinks the other night at Bar Room, I was reminded about how unbelievable their fish tacos are. This bar/restaurant is nowhere near what would be considered a Mexican place, but they make some of the best soft tacos I’ve ever had. I’ve been craving other great tacos ever since, and my top spots in the city are below (in no specific order).

1. Tres Carnes
Walk-in and carry-out type of restaurant. Extremely casual and cheap.

2. Bar Room
Midtown bar/restaurant with a separate back area for dining. One of the best shrimp tacos I’ve ever had. Possibly my #1 taco..ever.

3. Cascabel Tacqueria
Quirky, casual restaurant with great brunch specials. Fun for large groups.

4. Pampano
High-end Mexican restaurant with beautiful decor and great cocktails. Good spot for a date or a business lunch.