Necklaces: Make a Statement!

Jan 26 2014

Statement necklaces have been all over the place in the last few years, and I’ve jumped on the band wagon with the fad as well. Sometimes the glam of the necklaces I see (especially in NYC) is a bit over the top for me, and I’m always nervous to run the risk of looking terribly overdone. If you can pull those off, then kudos! However, I’m much more conservative and simple in my stylings – a preppy base with just a pinch of girly-ness, if you will.

Some of my top choices for great necklaces are the following, which are in no specific order:

Great statement necklaces, though slightly expensive sometimes. Hint: wait for the sales!
3. H&M
Cheap, cheap, cheap!
Try Ann Taylor Loft as well!
Their earrings are great too! (One of my sisters chose Anthropologie earrings for her bridesmaids to wear at her wedding).
Adorable brightly colored jewelry. Love their bracelets as well.
A bit too “artsy” for me, but the smaller pieces are so simple and pretty.
One of the great things about NYC (for girls, anyway) is that there are boutiques all over the place, and I have found numerous pieces in these stores, which are always cheaper than going for a brand name. Certain smaller stores sell nothing but jewelry – walls upon walls of color coordinated pieces. Heaven! (If you live in NYC, check out midtown east. On Lexington Avenue in the 50’s, there are multiple stores like this. I’m sure they exist all over Manhattan, but I work in that area and notice those specific stores all the time).

I’ve included below some examples of how I usually pick and choose jewelry to compliment my outfits, and I’ve noted where everything is from. Enjoy!
Denim shirt, skinny black pants, and purse/clutch is from J.Crew. (Again, when it comes to J.Crew, wait for sales! I got the bag for under $50). Coat is from H&M. Necklace is from a small boutique in NYC.

White button down is from Ann Taylor. Sweater vest (navy blue, not black!) is from Banana Republic. Necklace is from H&M. Louis Vuitton bag.

Button down dress shirt, necklace, and black leather bag are from J.Crew. (I waited for the holiday sale and got the bag for $199 instead of $299)! Navy blue pencil skirt is from Zara.
As always, wait for sales! Can’t beat them.