My Kinda Sweats

Sep 19 2014

I think I’ve owned two (MAYBE three) pairs of sweatpants in my entire life. It may sound absurd, but I’m actually not comfortable in them. They make me feel a bit sloppy, and I just don’t enjoy the look or the feel. I know, I know. It’s weird. And trust me – all of my friends have pointed it out – especially when we were in college. I’d completely dress up for class, while everyone else in lecture hall was in sweats and hoodies. Some people are comfortable in super relaxing clothing – and I happen to feel the same when I’m in jeans or something more structured – it’s just me.

Luckily, a “dressier” form of sweats has been popular recently, and I’m in love. They’re a slimmer version, and the ankle is fitted, so they look much nicer than a standard pair. I’m already day-dreaming about running into J.Crew at some point this weekend to try some on!

I love everything that J.Crew has paired these sweats with: a denim top (cheap version here!), a striped shirt, and a simple white button down. I’ll probably be stealing these looks and pairing them my with Supergas for a cute, casual outfit (sneaks blogged here). I will most definitely also be testing out these pants with some heels and accessories to glam them up! Can’t wait. See some of my favorite picks below, and stay tuned for a future outfit post, as I’ll likely grab a pair soon..

Happy Friday! (PS – J.Crew is currently running a sale – 25% off all full-price items – see the code here!)
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