Little Pretties for Less

Feb 2 2015
If there’s one piece in my closet right now that I’d have to name as my favorite staple for this winter, it would hands down be a black cape that I bought a few weeks ago – with a faux fur stole to match (like this..but clearly nowhere near as expensive). I get a ton of compliments on the set whenever I wear it, and a lot of people mention how it looks “so New York City” – and I agree! It’s very chic, and I’d be lying if I said that strangers haven’t asked me to try it on. Even guys..I swear. (#drunk)
I love my black cape, but the red and plaid capes seen above are quite eye-catching in a sea of coats that are generally neutrals. See similar versions here and here. (I have this red cape, which is actually a dress).
This Burberry cape is really just an over-sized scarf, but I’ll throw it into the cape category anyway. It’s my absolute favorite, and this entire outfit in general is amazing. Those shoes. The icing on the cake here is the personalized letters that Olivia Palermo added to hers. I love it. See similar versions here (under $100) and here (under $50).

Blake Lively is one of my girl crushes. She has phenomenal style, and she looks better fully pregnant than most of us do on a normal day. (#crap) This cape is gorgeous – I love the fur lining around the edges, and I’m assuming the price is wild. This white one is gorgeous too..but holy expensive! See similar versions here and here.