Little Pretties for Less

Jan 13 2015

I often catch myself jumping all over the internet while I’m “window shopping,” per say, and I’m constantly in shock over how beautiful – and how RIDICULOUSLY expensive – designer pieces are. What. The. F. Why would anyone ever spend what I spend per month to rent my apartment on a pair of shoes? (Okay, I would probably spend it if I could afford it, too. Let’s be serious here).

Thankfully, there are probably millions of companies out there that mimic designer clothing at way more affordable prices. And even better – I save you the time you might spend on the research and post the looks for less right here..

Ponchos are back in style, and I’m certainly not upset about it. It’s the easiest way to be both chic and comfortable at the same’re literally wearing a blanket in case you haven’t noticed. Aztec prints are very popular, and you can never go wrong with the simplicity of black and white, like the above. However – that price? No thank you. Get the look for less here.

Yes; these pants are perfect, but I am certainly not a fan of spending that much money on one item. Yikes..check out that price tag! This is when faux leather (and faux fur!) comes in handy. Get the look for less here. (I own these pants, and they’re absurdly comfortable..not to mention they’re 50% off right now with code “FLASH50”. See how I styled them here).

The over-sized, wool coat has snuck its way into wintertime as a staple piece for the season; and unfortunately, I still have yet to get my hands on one. I really like the pastels that have been floating around during this cold weather, so I’d go with either a blush or a baby blue. Get the look for less here. (I love this grey one, too)!