Henri Bendel Pastels

Jan 26 2015

Henri Bendel has a line of mini cross-body bags out right now, and they’re super cute! The purses are offered mainly in pastels (and your typical black), and they’re very simple..but in the best way. The bags are on the smaller side, and they’re perfect for a night out when you don’t need to lug around anything other than the essentials..just your “wallet, keys, phone, ID” kinda deal.

The purses have no frills, which is what I like the most about them them. They remind me of this Rebecca Minkoff bag, but they’re a bit sleeker – without all the zippers and “extras”. And less is definitely more here. Because of their simplicity, they’re also on the cheaper side, which is always a nice surprise! Check out the price here.
Pastels have been around all winter, and they’re not heading out the door just yet. These bags would be perfect for now, or later – especially when spring rolls around. A great addition to a brunch outfit or even for Easter. 
Aside from the cute colors (and the price!), the bag has great compartments, which is what every girl is looking for in a smaller bag. I know I usually refrain from buying one if there’s nowhere to put all of my little things! These compartments make things much easier to organize.
I’m a big fan of these cute little bags, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they start to pop up all over the place when warmer weather starts to roll around. Check out some other options below, and shop Henri Bendel here. Enjoy the week!