Friday Finds

Sep 26 2014

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are a few things to get you through a long day at work (it will be happy hour eventually..relax) – and some things to keep you busy over the weekend.

1. This mom is incredible at turning kids’ lunches into cartoons. Creativity through the roof? Yes. A bit too much free time on her hands? Totally.

Holy. Cow.

2. This spoof on the above is HILARIOUS. The captions are ridiculous. Be careful if you’re at work – you’ll definitely laugh out loud. (Hey moms – speaking of lunches. Check out these cute containers. And my sisters swear by these bottles..even the water bottle ones for adults, too)!

3. This J.Crew vest. I already bought three this season. One more is okay, right?

4. An interesting take on Emma Watson’s speech at the UN. Miss her speech? See it here.

5. Snooki had her baby. (Snooki is still alive)?

6. Great pictures from Jeter’s last game.

7. This mother-daughter duo. They create dresses with arts and crafts materials, and the results are unreal. Check out their Instagram page. Trust me. (Look how cute she is)!

8. This Bauble Bar necklace is only $20 for a limited time. The green and blue version is my favorite.

9. Look at what the former Attorney General tackled in the last six years. My personal accomplishments in the last few years now look like crap.

10. This Calvin Klein dress. Perfect for fall..and it’s on sale.

Enjoy the weekend!


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