Feb 3 2014

A few months back, in March of 2013, a group of my girlfriends and I took a trip to Austin, Texas for a little girl-cation. While we were there, aside from the live music joints we hit up, a boating excursion, the touristy spots we visited, and all the partying we did, we also did a decent amount of shopping.

I came across this one boutique called Francesca’s, which I fell in love with immediately. It’s got the perfect amount of prep mixed with girly accents (my favorite, as you’ve learned by now) – and they sell a ton of cute trinkets and things for the home, as well. A really cute store. I made a few small purchases when I was there.

A Ryan Gosling book. Do you even need another reason to check this place out?
While walking around the Upper West Side this past Saturday, a store on the corner of West 72nd and Broadway caught my eye. I walked in immediately and ran up to the first employee I saw. “Do you have a store in Austin? This looks so familiar to me!” I was beyond excited when she confirmed that it was the same Francesca’s. I started shopping around and knew right away I couldn’t leave without making a purchase.
This is the type of store you can get lost in for hours. Between the clothing, accessories, home decor, and cute trinkets (as seen above), Francesca’s has quickly become one of my favorite shops in NYC. I just wish they had one on the Upper East! (Or maybe I don’t – I’d be broke).
Their clothing is extremely colorful, even in the winter time, and the jewelry collection they house is never-ending. I spent way too much time trying full outfits on and attempting to find the perfect necklace to go with each one. To be quite honest, I did pretty well! In the end, one of my favorite purchases (yes, the entire outfit) was this:
Though this is definitely a summer outfit and we are clearly smack in the middle of winter, I’m going to Mexico in a few days, so I grabbed some cute summer items. Either way, warm weather will be here before we know it (or so I hope)!
The best possible way for me to describe Francesca’s is through pictures, so enjoy some more below:
As you can see, they have a terrific jewelry collection, and this isn’t even half of it. In addition to the outfit above, I bought another shirt, a dress, a hat, and another necklace (all for $200 – not too bad). I’ll likely share those items in later style posts, but in the meantime, check out @atrailof2citiesnyc on instagram for outfit ideas. I’ll be sure to include some of the jewelry there.
If you’re in NYC, definitely check out Francesca’s on the UWS. Or if you’re in Austin. Or – just look at their site to find a store near you! Worst case scenario – order a few things online. You won’t regret it.
Happy shopping!