Frame Worthy

Jul 13 2014

One of the next projects on my horizon (aside from finishing my bedroom makeover, which is already underway) is picking out more prints for one of the walls in my living room. I have most of my decor completed, but some older pictures that I have on one wall keep staring at me, and I’d love to update them.

I love walls that are covered with all different types of prints, and/or different types of frames, like the rooms below.

Target (as always, my go-to for decorating adventures) sells frame sets, which are great if you’re looking to do a wall like this. Having things professionally framed gets VERY expensive, as most of you probably know. You’ll likely need to add some other larger frames into the equation, but these (cheap!) sets are a good place to start. See some of Target’s frame sets here:

One (brown) // Two (black) // Three (silver)
As far as the actual prints go, if you’re looking for any, check out Wayfair. They sell really nice (already framed) pieces.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!