Five Things to Instantly Upgrade Your Desk

Dec 9 2015

Desk decor is all the rage right now. From gallery walls to lamps to accessories, there are a million ways to showcase your personal style right from your desktop. I’ve rounded up five items below that will instantly upgrade your desk game. (These are also great gift ideas for the decor-lover)!
Start with a chic, modern lamp that showcases your personality and sets the color scheme for the desk. A quirky jewelry dish is a cute place to store trinkets to keep yourself organized (bonus points if you can keep the theme going – in this case, gold). A planner is a good focal point for the desk (aside from a computer), and it looks really nice..even if you don’t use it. It’s also a good place to hide any papers that start to pile up. Definitely add something personal, like a picture frame with a photograph. It will make your desk feel more like home. Lastly, throw in something seasonal that will keep your desk up to date holiday-wise. It will also keep you from getting bored of the same old decor.