Fall Favorites from J.Crew

Sep 9 2014

J.Crew is hands down my favorite place to shop, and most of my wardrobe (even a lot of my work clothing) comes from there. While I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes their prices for certain pieces are absurdly expensive, the quality of their clothing is wonderful, and it’s WAY more worth it to spend more on a quality item than going to a cheaper store and getting something that won’t last nearly as long.

With fall approaching, I’ve been looking into some new J.Crew pieces that I’d love to add to my wardrobe, and I’ve included some of my top choices below. (Sidenote – With NYFW currently going on, I’ve been in women’s fashion OVERLOAD following companies and bloggers all over Instagram and Twitter. That being said, I took a peek at the J.Crew men’s world right now, as well..just to give myself a bit of a break! So..I’ve included my top picks for the guys, too).

Starting with the boys..

And the girls..
83 Football Tee (I would totally rock this on a casual Friday at work with a pencil skirt, a big necklace, and a denim jacket. Done and done.) // Shirttail Sweater in Stripe (favorite!) // Jumpsuit // Gwen Dress // Gingham Shirt // Pleated Chevron Skirt // Floral Stripe Scarf (reminds me of my sisters xo) // Double-End Crystal Cuff
Lots of great things to choose from right now..hence why I’ve been purposely avoiding their store in order to give my wallet a bit of a break. Lesson from this post – EVERYONE looks great in gingham. I need that shirt pronto!

Check out their site ASAP – they’re running some sales on certain things. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

J.Crew Australia