Dream Luggage

Aug 10 2014

I have been considering buying some Louis Vuitton luggage as my next big splurge item, and I keep falling more and more in love with the Keepall bag every time I see it. It’s all over NYC, and it’s always popping up in pictures of celebrities when they’re traveling as well. I can’t seem to get away from it!

I love how Jillian Michaels and Dakota Fanning added the stripe/monogram option to theirs; I think I would do the same. (Which colors?! Ah).
This bag (like any other LV) is pretty expensive, but The Real Real sells it for an insanely discounted price compared to what the bag usually costs. (The Real Real sells luxury consignment items that are in very good condition, if you’ve never heard of it before).
The size I’m considering typically sells for just under $2,000, but it’s only around $1,000 from The Real Real. A few of their bags are UNDER $1,000 as well – depending on the condition. See one of the cheaper bags here, and definitely look at all of their Keepalls (and other items) that they have! Hope you find something you like.
My last splurge items were my Mac and my first Louis Vuitton a year or so before that, and I’d like to treat myself to something nice again soon. Work hard, play hard! It’s always nice to give yourself a little pat on the back and treat yourself to something very nice – like this bag.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend! And be sure to check out The Real Real ASAP.

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