DIY: Paper Christmas Ornaments

Dec 22 2014
I didn’t get around to putting up a Christmas tree in my apartment this year, and I’m pretty sad about it. I’ve had a 6 foot tree in my apartment the last three years, and I miss it a lot more than I initially thought I would – the smell, the warmth, seeing all the presents underneath it that I bought for my family, etc. Let’s just say that my lesson has been learned, and I will never skip a year again.
I do have small decorations here and there, and while they certainly cannot make up for a tree, they do bring a bit of holiday cheer to my place on the Upper East Side. If you’re looking to add a bit more cheer to your place as well, take a peek at these cute paper ornaments. They look really nice, and they’re super easy to make! (Also a really cute project to do with kids).
I found this DIY project as I was digging around on BaubleBar’s website. Such a cute idea! To see the full instructions on how to make these ornaments, click here.

I’m pretty sure the sadness about my missing tree is sinking in, because my brother sent me photos of the trees at my parents’ house last night. We do two trees every year – one “kid” tree with colored lights and fun ornaments in the den, and one “adult” tree with white lights and elegant ornaments in the library. Something I definitely miss about home during this time of year.

I love these little ornaments hung over a table like in the above photo, but they’d look cute just about anywhere. Maybe even on an actual tree! Sigh.
Happy Holidays!