Current Favorites from BaubleBar

Jul 8 2014
Some of my current favorites from BaubleBar:
Fluoro Sunburst Collar // Crystal Elsa Bib-Clear // Asymmetrical Ivy Collar // The Courtney Bib

I have been eyeing the Courney Bib for quite a while now. I’m dying to use it to dress up a t-shirt or something casual, like Courtney Kerr does, as seen below. (Click the “Courtney Bib” link above to see more of her style photos). To be honest, I’m not too keen on spending almost $70 right now on a necklace, so I’m hoping a sale comes along soon. *Sidenote: if you’re a first-time shopper with BaubleBar, you can sign up for emails and receive 15% off your first order!

Courtney Kerr (as I’ve said before) is my complete style muse – right down to her hair. This photo is making me want to grow my natural hair color out and do a darker ombre like this for the fall. (This is about the length of my hair right now, as well). Her overall style is great; I can’t get enough.
Don’t forget to sign up and grab that 15% off from BaubleBar if you find any other necklaces (or other items!) that you love. Check out their full line below.

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