Sep 5 2014

I’m typically a big fan of big bags – it’s as simple as that. I lug around my Louis Vuitton Neverfull pretty much everyday, because I somehow ALWAYS have a ton of stuff on me. Makeup cases, girly products, books, magazines, sometimes my laptop, flats to change into after work, etc. It doesn’t end, and it’s definitely a girl thing. (How the heck do guys only walk around with a wallet and phone? Sheesh. If only things were that simple).

I’ve been on the hunt for another large bag, but I also find myself on the complete opposite end of the spectrum sometimes, as well. I can’t get enough of nice clutches, and I’ve slowly been adding to my collection. While I don’t use one for work (maybe I should simple..), clutches are perfect for nighttime escapades, whether it be dinner or drinks..or straight up partying the night away in NYC! Wallet, keys, phone, and maybe eyeliner and a lip color for touch-ups. It’s all you need for a night out, and a clutch has just enough space. (No more, no less)!

See some of my favorite clutches below. I currently have my eye on the leopard one, as well as the hunter green one with the black stripe – great colors/prints for the season AND the green one can be monogrammed! (#preppyheaven)

The “Brunch Money” and “NY State of Mind” clutches are a bit on the small side, but I love the text. Super cute. I’m not sure I would carry a clutch so small, but they are GREAT to organize so much of the “stuff” that I keep in my big bag. (And you can do this with your clutches or pouches, anyway! Use them to organize within larger totes..they don’t only have to be used for a main accessory).
See below for details.

9.4.14 Fall Banners