C.Wonder: Store Closing!

Jan 5 2015

Over the holidays, I stopped into a C.Wonder store and noticed that the place was almost completely empty. I know things fly off shelves during this time as everyone is buying gifts, but it was just too empty. I asked an employee what was going on, and she let me know that “some” of the stores were closing down. Bummer!

It was announced recently that the entire line is going out of business, so as you might have guessed, there are INSANE sales going on right now before everything shuts down. As you can see in the pictures above, everything from the store is bright and colorful, and there are a TON of monogrammed items, which is why I fell in love with C.Wonder to begin with.
One of my favorite items that I ever purchased from the store is a pair of shoes, which you can see here.
Take advantage of the sales before everything is gone: shop here. And best of luck to all of the former employees.