C.Wonder Goodies

Jun 17 2014

I stopped into the C.Wonder store today, because I had a quick return to make (which had honestly been on my to-do list for months – but better late than never). Knowing that I’d receive $40 in store credit, I figured I’d scoop up something little for my apartment, or possibly a small piece of jewelry, and be on my way – having spent no extra money.

It’s never that simple.

I had walked into a massive sale – and why wouldn’t I? Not that I’m mad, but sales are dangerous, and I never know how to say no. However, I saved so much money and brought home such great items that I don’t regret it at all. After the store credit, I only wound up spending an extra $80, and I got all of the items below.

Honeycomb-Heeled Shoes (Sold out online – check your nearest store!)
Monogrammed Mug (under $10!)
Keychain (Sold out online – check your nearest store for this, too! Other colors online.)

Considering I had the $40 credit, I’ll be fair here and say that I actually spent $120 on all four items – which is still amazing considering the honeycomb-heeled shoes themselves were originally that price. (I’m in LOVE with these shoes. Couldn’t be happier).
C.Wonder is also the king of monogrammed items; I love their coasters, small plates (perfect size for holding trinkets or jewelry on your dresser), and this jewelry box. These cheese boards are adorable as well. Let’s just say it was very difficult for me to leave without purchasing anything else.
All sale items are an additional 50% off right now, which is why I made out like a bandit with the above items. Check out C.Wonder’s website (click below to shop) – hopefully there’s something you like! You can never go wrong with a monogram, and they certainly have plenty of that.

june arrivals 728x90