Brickyard Buffalo

Sep 30 2014

One of my sisters introduced me to Brickyard Buffalo recently, and I just had to share it with everyone. Brickyard Buffalo (or BB, as they call it) is a website that shares daily flash-sales for both women and children. (Lots of really cute baby stuff if you’re a momma)!

Each item on the site is hand-picked by the founders (see them below), and all of the merchandise comes from smaller vendors, who offer unique pieces at amazing prices. These pieces are sold through BB on a time crunch, and there’s a countdown clock to show you when the sale will be over. (BB is kind of like ebay – but there’s no bidding. Just buying. And lots of saving)!

BB was founded by three women: two are sister in-laws, and two are friends – and they came together to form the company. They select items based on their own personal styles and aim to sell only things that they themselves would buy. You can read the full story behind these ladies and why/how they started Brickyard Buffalo here.
Everything on BB is season-oriented, so a ton of their stuff is based around fall and Halloween right now. Plaid scarves (I wish they had this one), wool hats, baby costumes, adorable decorations, etc. They pick such a great array of products, and like I said, the sales are great! It’s hard to turn away..check it out. (If I don’t go broke on stuff for myself, I’ll certainly be spending a ton of money on their baby/kids’ stuff. I have four nieces and nephews to spoil)!
PS – I keep checking BB each day to see what scarves they have, since fall scarves (chunky, cable knit, plaid, etc.) are on my radar right now. Some of my current favorites are here: one // two // three (super cheap)!