Beach Waves

Aug 8 2014

When I first cut my hair short back in the springtime, I fell in love with playing with curls and waves – anything I could do to give the short bob a bit more volume. I’ve posted a few hair pictures on my instagram over the last few months, and some girls have reached out asking how to get a wavy look (instead of a full curl) I’m sharing some tips!

This picture is from right when I cut my hair – super short – a true bob. It felt so full of body when I added waves to it, which also gave the cut such a chic look. And it took NO time at all because of the length – maybe around ten minutes! (This shirt is no longer in stores, but it’s from Ann Taylor).

As my hair has been getting longer, I love the waves even more. The bob was a super fun style for the summertime (and great in the heat), but I miss the length and am growing it out again. (This dress is from a boutique in the city; the necklace is from J.Crew).
Now for a very easy “how to”. I use a curling iron to get the waves, though I do keep hearing that a wand is much better..definitely need to get one ASAP. To avoid a full curl and get a wave instead, there’s one simple rule you need to follow regarding the roots and the tips – don’t include either. That’s it! Curl as usual, just avoid the very top and the very bottom.
For a visual that shows what I mean, see the video below. (This girl’s hair is very long, but it’s the same concept no matter what length your hair is).
Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Hope some of you get some actual beach waves before the summer is over. If not, just throw them in your hair!