Bauble Bar

Mar 23 2014

My sister has been telling me to check out Bauble Bar for some time now, and I’m kicking myself now that I waited so long. It’s a great website, but it’s definitely dangerous if you love jewelry, like I do! You will struggle to leave the site without making a purchase – especially considering shipping is always free. Sigh.

Bauble Bar runs a “guest bartender” section, and right now, they’re featuring Courtney Kerr. She is pretty much my blogger idol, and her style is also currently making me want to chop off my hair. (Eek!) You can also check our her Bauble Bar picks directly on her site – they’re all wonderful. The pave link bracelets and the Courtney Bib necklace are by far my favorites. Check them out!

I need these bracelets. And this haircut.
What a great way to spruce up a simple white t-shirt! I love it.
Somehow I snuck away this time without making a purchase, but tomorrow is another day. Hopefully I can restrain myself, but I’m sensing that a future Bauble Bar Purchases post will be up shortly. Oh, well!
Skip the drinks, and concentrate on a different bar! Check out Bauble (and Courtney!) ASAP.